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Audits are an evaluation of a business’s internal controls and accounting processes. These reviews help make sure your business remains in compliance with government laws and regulations in the Netherlands and help maintain the accurate and timely reporting of financial data.

Whether internal or external, an audit is an essential tool to provide risk management and safeguard against potential fraud, waste, and financial abuse in your business.

Finding the right professional to assist and perform your audit is crucial to the success of both the job itself and the results going forward. Qualified auditors will advise you on ways to organize operations and follow up with you and your management team to ensure that recommendations are being implemented correctly.

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Get quotes from 3 auditors
Get quotes from 3 auditors


Either management or a third-party will identify a department or company that they deem needs auditing. An audit in the Netherlands may be deemed necessary due to suspicions of inefficiency, fraud, or illegal activity.


An auditor will observe and begin to understand the internal processes of your business. This includes taking detailed notes, interviewing employees about their conduct, and reviewing your company's financial documents.

Report and Resolution

The results of the audit will be reported to either management or to the third-party that originally ordered it, such as shareholders. This auditor's report will be used to verify the accuracy of your business's records, and be used in follow-up to ensure that you are following the recommendations given by the auditor.

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