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You need to file your taxes but you do not speak Dutch fluently? The Dutch tax law seems overwhelming and confusing? You are not even sure if you have to file a tax return in the Netherlands? We get you. Tax returns in the Netherlands can be tricky for foreigners - it even is tough for the Dutch.

As a private person, when you are living and working in the Netherlands and when you do not have any income from other sources, then it is not mandatory to file your taxes. It might be in your best interest to complete a tax return though. If you do have other sources of income through a "side-hustle" or property for example, then you most likely need to file your taxes in the Netherlands.

There are also several Dutch laws that regulate a company's tax and bookkeeping responsibilities, and different regulations apply depending on the size of your business and the number of employees. If you are not a tax expert or if you sell goods from the Netherlands to other European and non-European countries, it can become overwhelming. For this reason, you might want to consider contracting a well-trained accountant. In accordance with Dutch law, you may also need an accountant to carry out a special audit on your annual financial statements.

We are a matchmaker in accounting services and our network enables us to serve nearly all requirements. Fill out the form and tell us what you are looking for. Our team will get in contact with you within a few days to get quotes from accountants in the Netherlands that match your needs. Our service is completely free of charge and nonbinding. That means you are not obliged to accept any of the quotes. We make it easy to compare and strengthen the foundation of your decisions. With Ageras you can find a better accountant for your specific requirements.

Get 3 quotes from Accountants
Get 3 quotes from Accountants

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Get 3 quotes from Accountants
Get 3 quotes from Accountants

Accountant for start-ups

Start-ups normally have limited experience in running a company. You're bringing your favorite idea to life and need to invest as much time and energy into it as possible. An accountant can help you reduce the administrative workload and free up more time for creativity.

Accounting services for enterprises

If your company is growing and you're starting to sell your products and/or service outside of the Netherlands, or even outside of Europe, the tax and accounting regulations get more complex. To fulfil all requirements of the Dutch law, a professional accountant maybe necessary.

Accountant and tax consultant

An entrepreneur will often profit from the professional advice of a tax consultant. This requires resilient financial figures provided by a professional accountant. These financial figures are also necessary for negotiations with potential investors and banks.

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